• KEY SHORTCUTS: LEFT JUSTIFY = ctrl+L, DELETE OBJECT = ctrl+delete, BOLD = ctrl+b, ITALIC = ctrl+i, UNDERLINE = ctrl+u, UNDO = ctrl+z, REDO = ctrl+y, COPY = ctrl+c, PASTE = ctrl+v, SELECT ALL = ctrl+a
  • WINDOWS KEY SHORTCUTS PASTE = WinKey+v, The BRIDGE OCR = WinKey+q, SNIP & SKETCH = WinKey+shift+s, SNAGIT = prt scr,
  • ASCII CODES Hold down the alt key, while holding use the numbers on the ten key number pad, not the numbers across the top of the       keyboard.
  • LATIN CHARACTERS á = alt+160, Á = alt+0193, é = alt+130, É = alt+0201, í = alt+161, Í = alt+0205, ó = alt+162, Ó = alt+0211, ü =alt+129, Ü = alt+0220, ú = alt+163, Ú = alt+0218, ñ = alt+164, Ñ = alt+165, ü = alt+0252, Ü = alt+0220, ¡ = alt+173, ¿ = alt+168, « = alt+0171, » = alt+0187, – = alt+0150, — = alt+0151, ª = alt+0170, º = alt+0186, € = alt+0128, ~ = alt+126.
  • BACKGROUND - On the left sidebar click MORE > BACKGROUNDS > CATEGORY, then on IMAGE desired.
  • EDIT TEXT - Click on the text object, then click where you want to edit the text.
  • MOVE TEXT OR CLIPART - over the object, hold down the left mouse button & DRAG.
  • SIZE TEXT OR CLIPART - When hovering over an object, there is a small box in its lower right corner. On this box, hold down your left mouse button and DRAG in and out to size the object.
  • LARGE WHITE ICONS - on the left sidebar are for ALL TEXT. A is FONT for ALL TEXT Color Pallet for color for ALL TEXT
  • ACTIVE OBJECT TOOLBAR - is the white block on the left sidebar, shows the NAME of the active object and tools active for that object     only; they are TRASH, FLIP, ROTATE, LAYER UP/DOWN, TEXT COLOR, ROUND, and SHADOW for active object. eg: to change individual text color on text, click on the text to make it active, then use the Color Pallet on the ACTIVE TOOLBAR.
  •  Note: Always do Horizontal Flip before Vertical Flip. Horizontal Flip is deactivated after Vertical.

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